Welcome to the Center of Qigong

Qigong sessions are beneficial in promoting peacefulness, relaxation, and harmony.  In addition, these sessions aid in bringing balance within the body’s energy system, benefiting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Sessions are conducted by Sylvia Schlecht, a Certified Teacher/Practitioner of the traditional Chinese healing philosophy of Qigong who has provided therapy sessions for the past 15 years. Her clients have found these sessions help relieve stress, grief, depression, anxiety and pain.

Center of Qigong - Energy Work

Client Comments

About Therapy Sessions

"...She finds, and heals, problems I didn’t know I had!...She is truly a blessing!!!"

 ~ Laura

"...It was amazing how much Sylvia changed my mood and my outlook on my job.  I walked out of my session with feeling lighter and refreshed."

~ Allie Bohlig

"...I leave refreshed to face whatever comes my way."

~ Linda


About Classes

"...it calms me down and keeps me focused on the present." 

~ Mary S.

"...I felt 'whole' again and knowing what the power of Qi holds in our bodies is amazing and worth the experience!"

~Laura N.