About Classes

"I lost my husband of 50 years and I became so anxious about the future. When I do the sitting meditation, it calms me down and keeps me focused on the present." 

~ Mary S.

"I took Sylvia's Qi Gong class in February.  I was a bit skeptical that I wouldn't be able to "feel" anything after only 3 weeks, however, the first night, I could feel the energy flowing throughout my entire body.  I would practice it every morning and it became easier each day to really understand what this is truly about.  After the 2nd session, I thought I would try a little energy healing on my dog, whom had been suffering with something.  I actually FELT the warm energy in her ear by healing touch and realized she had a horrible infection in her ear.  I even practiced on a clients cat whom was old and suffering from kidney problems.  I was astounded as to the response of animals to this!  On the third, and final session, I was even more amazed to feel the energy of another person. I felt 'whole' again and knowing what the power of Qi holds in our bodies is amazing and worth the experience!"

~Laura N.


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